Life Update

So… it’s been a while. Since the last time I’ve posted, I have submitted my portfolio + been officially accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Bowling Green State University for graphic design; I was offered (+ I accepted!) a job on campus as a student writer for marketing & communications, specifically athletics; I’ve continued eating (relatively) healthy and living an (again, relatively) active lifestyle + lost a total of around 30 pounds! It’s safe to say my life is constantly changing, except for the few constants I can always count on—my amazing boyfriend, friends, + family.

With all of these changes, in addition to moving back home for the summer, I found myself falling into a weird funk. All of the sudden, I didn’t have my usual schedule keeping me busy, I no longer had a gym anywhere near my home to de-stress, + my new job didn’t start until mid-June. So the first week of summer was spent relaxing, but after that I started to go completely stir-crazy.

I was depressed + the worst part was, I had absolutely no reason to be.

I was surrounded by my family + friends with a whole month of vacation time until I started my job, yet I felt utterly isolated sitting in my home all day trying to keep myself busy. This is what upset me the most—most people would kill to have a month’s vacation-time. But there I was, sitting at home, bored, itching for something to do. I felt this way until I read a post on one of my favorite fitness/lifestyle blogger’s Instagram story. It read, “I have a theory that when I experience lots of happiness and great times, it then makes my normal day-to-day life seem empty… Sometimes my brain gets confused and thinks I’m meant to be as happy as I am when I’m laughing with my friends ALL the time, and so when I (surprisingly) don’t feel that way it makes me feel empty, lonely, and sad. @busybee.carys” … THIS!

It’s normal to miss your friends. It’s normal to miss your boyfriend. It’s normal to feel anxious after sitting around the house in your pajamas all day for five days straight. (Oops.) At the end of the day this does not mean that you are any less than anyone else, especially the version of yourself that’s “living it up” every day.

I wish I would have realized that just because not much is going on at a certain point in time, it does not mean that you have to go into a complete slump. “Not busy” does not equal “not achieving anything” + this is where I went wrong. Just because there is a lull in every-day life does not mean that you are not “living your best life” so to speak. So go out there ++ “live it up”… or sit at home + watch Friends on Netflix while eating Halo top. Your call. Both are great choices.

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